Graeme Coleman


Graeme Coleman has been busy providing music scores in film and TV for over 20 years. Along the way, he has been nominated for a dozen Genie, Gemini, or Leo Awards, winning most recently for his music for the series “Ice Pilots – NWT”, and the feature film “Desolation Sound”, starring Jennifer Beals. His versatility has kept him active in a wide range of work; in past years scoring the dramatic TV series “Outer Limits” and “Jeremiah” for MGM, and “Cold Squad” and “Beastmaster” for Alliance Atlantis. Recent film projects include the Luke Perry western series “Goodnight for Justice”, and “The Edge of the Garden” for Hallmark Films, and numerous documentaries. His music can also be heard in the testosterone fueled documentary series “Pyros” (Discovery),“Ice Pilots” (History), “Combat School”, “Jetstream” (both Discovery), “Stuntdawgs”, and estrogen positive “The Week the Women Went” (CBC).

Coleman is well known for his skills as a piano player (having lead the instrumental jazz/rock band “Skywalk” in a previous life); he has also been nominated for a Juno Award as a record producer, and remains active in the world of album production, recording dates, and does the occasional live performance.


Graeme Coleman